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We are The Way Youth!

We provide a place for your youth to come and belong to something more than just church. We teach them about Jesus, Safety, & Fun – with life lessons, day to day struggles they are dealing with and how to get through life together with the help of The Word.  We teach them to BE THE EXAMPLE and not to let anyone look down on them due to their age – 1 Timothy 4:12.

Our youth consists of 6th-12th Graders. We have bible-based teachings and dig into how they apply in our lives today so that we learn from the teaching, and it becomes relatable to each person. 

Youth Leaders

Mark & Felicia Dennis
Michael Havey
When do we meet
Westport Campus

Mark & Felicia Dennis

Youth Leaders

Sunday at  10:00AM

North Campus

Michael Havey

Youth Leader

Sunday at 11:30AM


Mark & Felicia Dennis

Youth Leaders

Saturday at  5:00PM

Jesus - Safety - Fun

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