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Prayer & Praise

Welcome to Have Bible Will Travel’s PRAYER WALL. You are welcome to share your prayers with the community here, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with the church staff only, or pray for other prayers on this page. We are all community, please share your prayers, prayer requests and praises here with us.

PLEASE NOTE: Each request will be moderated before it is posted to reduce spam/phishing requests, so there may be a short delay before the request is public.  Prayer requests will remain on this page for 4 weeks and then be removed.  If you still need prayer, please re-submit.

Jerry Eugene Ford, April 17, 2024 - 10:34 am

Gary Connolly is at Lake St Louis SSM Hospital with a possible diagnosis of cancer. His bones have deteriorated from his neck to his hips. He is suffering from broken bones in his arm, shoulder, and ribs without having any injury to himself. Waiting for conclusive lab results from oncology and orthopedic. Pray to Jesus for Garry's delivery from pain and from this disease.

Jenn Clement, April 16, 2024 - 1:01 pm

Please keep praying for my nephew James, that God will open his eyes and he will flee from the drugs and alcohol and the life that he is living now and run back to God!! Thank you!

Linda Hardin, April 16, 2024 - 12:56 pm

Keep Linda's nephew Chris Drainer in prayer. He has surgery coming up on April 22nd. They are taking a piece of his foot and putting it in his arm to save the arm. He will then have a brief rest period and have 3 more surgeries. Thank you!!

Terry Buerck, April 14, 2024 - 10:51 am

Patty Presson is asking prayers for her husband Lee's Health issues

Joyce Buback, April 12, 2024 - 4:03 pm

Pray for my sister-in-law whose brother was put on Hospice last Friday due to cancer. She has already lost two siblings in the last two years due to a cancer diagnosis.

Mandy Garcia, April 12, 2024 - 1:23 pm

I ask for prayer about my calling to spend more time serving the Lord and for receiving the spiritual gifts that God has for me.

Mandy Garcia, April 12, 2024 - 1:07 pm

Kenny for help with sobriety. Ronnie for emotional healing. Bud for finances and receiving Jesus Christ. Moses for his health and receiving Jesus Christ. Jolena for receiving Jesus Christ and sobriety.

Janet Hunt, April 12, 2024 - 12:35 pm

Please pray for Teresa Leos. She is 56 and just found out her cancer is back in her liver and bones.

V'etta, April 11, 2024 - 3:48 pm

Please pray for Jim. He is at urgent care with possible strep throat again. Also please pray for my granddaughter, who has strep throat too. And pray for Jim's parents who both fell down today and are also at urgent care. Thank you!!

Anonymous, April 11, 2024 - 11:27 am

If we can't pay the minimum payment on our gas bill by tomorrow (4/12/2024), our gas will be disconnected on or after 4/13/2024. Please pray for God's will and mercy for us. God is still good, no matter what happens!

Jenn C., April 10, 2024 - 12:26 pm

Please pray for Randy & Elizabeth's friend, Rose. She is having a double mastectomy today. Prayers for peace for Rose and wisdom & guidance for the surgeons. And for a full recovery!! Thank you!

Jeanne Lawber, April 10, 2024 - 9:08 am

Please pray for my daughter Donna Vogt for strength and comfort for personal issues and her friend Mike Cox for an upcoming surgery.

Terry Buerck, April 5, 2024 - 2:28 pm

Nora Peters is asking prayers for her migraines, her back, she fell out of bad and for a place to live before her eviction notice for May 15th

Anonymous, April 5, 2024 - 9:25 am

Please pray for Gary Thrasher - health and recovery. Scott Chapman - for injury and healing. Sharon Richardson - Job and release from doc.

Carrie, April 3, 2024 - 8:57 pm

Please pray for my brother Charles. On Easter Sunday he had a stroke. He suffers from alcohol addiction and is also addicted to cigarettes which really affects his health. Pray that the Lord helps him break free from these things so his health can get better. He is a believer and is born again.

Gwen Shields, April 3, 2024 - 1:19 pm

Please pray for Gwen's son Luke. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. Prayers for complete and total healing! Thank you!

Jenn Clement, April 3, 2024 - 1:12 pm

Please pray for Mary Kay Rensing's son Charles. His fiancee Leslie, passed away this morning unexpectedly. She was 37 years old. Please pray for Charles & for Leslie's family.

Z, April 3, 2024 - 7:03 am

Lord bless my wife Carmella and all of our kids, especially our daughter Angelena today.

Lori Ridley, April 1, 2024 - 3:08 pm

Please pray for Jeff. He fell and injured his leg. They are taking him to the hospital right now. Thank you!

Viola Cleo Bradshaw, April 1, 2024 - 1:32 pm

I have a prayer request Dear Jesus, please pray for Viola Cleo Bradshaw to be set free from Satan. Save me from Hell dark forces and wish for my mind to be healed and restored and send me God's light and unconditional love. Heal my dog Seraphina of trauma and suffering. Free my soul from spiritual abduction. Free me from soul rape. I was soul raped. Heal me Deliver me from the enemy of Lisa Quann and Bill Quann. Amen. Can I have deep sleep and deep peace? I need more deep sleep. Deliver me from the spirit of death. Save the seals..Jesus is a great teacher.

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