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Starts September 2nd & 3rd at Westport

Saturdays from 6:45pm-8:00pm

Sundays from 11:30am-1:00pm

Come As You Are

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Church, we are Have Bible Will Travel Church! We are all about Jesus and welcome you to Come As You Are – in jeans or a suit, old or young, black or white…we want everyone to come, experience the love & power of Christ, receive Christ and then share Him with the world around them. We look forward to meeting you in person at any of our Have Bible Will Travel Campuses: Westport, Weldon Spring or North!

Kick the Tires

We know it is hard to just jump right in somewhere, so just take a quick peek at some of our services. We are sure that you will fit right it!

Sermon Archive

Who are we?

Meet our Pastors and Deacons

Our pastors and deacons are on a mission to bring the Gospel to the world. They each have their own life experience which helps them spreading the good news to everyone. Meet them here.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to carry out the Great Commission, which the Lord commands and guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Matthew 28:19-20

Get Connected

We have a variety of ways to get involved and meet new people.

Check out this page to find a ministry that fits you.


Check out or different classes and bibles studies.

Great options to meet new people & grow your relationship with Christ.

Upcoming Events

  • Melissa Lemmer

    "I love
    being there...

    ...hearing the Lord's word and wisdom through Pastor Pat. He prayed with my son when he was in ICU and we never gave up and I have him at home recovering. Looking forward to coming to service."
  • Josh Chittenden

    "I'm sure everyone
    knows this,

    but the pastors, deacons, and church family are a truly amazing group! Want to say thanks to all of them for all they do. My family is truly blessed to be a part of HBWT."
  • Barbara Linville

    HBWT is one
    of the most
    Spirit filled churches

    "...The love of Christ is strongly evidenced by the many areas of outreach/mission your church family provides with a loving heart. It is a blessing to attend when I can and I love receiving the monthly newsletter. As a Christian mother/grandmother it makes my heart sing to know my son and daughter-in-law are growing more Christ like daily and raising their family to walk with Jesus with the HBWT family of God. May God continue to bless your works!"
  • Danny Rubel

    I love
    My Lord Jesus Christ
    and all the family of HBWT

    "I wanted to say thanks to all of the great Bible studies that are offered. I feel I am growing in Christ each time I attend one. I also thank Jesus first and above everything for the studies. I love my Lord Jesus Christ and all the family of HBWT. I have learned so much and starting to learn more. I keep asking God to guide me to help my church in any way I can. I thank God for all he and his son has done for me and my wife"
  • Michael Havey

    What an
    awesome and
    amazing bunch

    "What an awesome and amazing bunch. Love HBWT!"
  • Pastor Pat

    but the
    Blood of Jesus

    "What can wash away my sins? What can make me whole again? What can make me white as snow? Answer…… Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!"

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