Good Morning
Happy Tuesday August 3rd
    Sorry haven’t posted anything the last couple days…..
been sick in bed with this horrible head and chest cold I get every year around this time…….
feeling better though
               “Most of the misery in this world comes from feeling lonely and unloved.
 Especially when times are tough, people often feel that I have left them all alone. 
And that feeling can be even worse  than the problems they are facing.
  But know this: I never leave you, not even for a second.
 I am constantly watching over you.
 If you feel alone or frightened, ask Me to comfort you with My Presence.” 
  Jesus Calling  by Sarah Young
No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. 
As I was with Moses,  so I will be with you; 
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
Joshua 1:5
Today’s prayer 🙏

Father God ,
When we feel alone in this life we should always lean on this  promise in Joshua 1:5; you told us that you will never leave or forsake us.  We all know that this world, and the people in, it will  will sometimes disappoint us in one way or another, because the people of this earth  are of the flesh.
But you, Lord Jesus, are the one true God who will never let us down.

So, my prayer today, is for the lonely people that may feel abandoned.  That you wrap your loving arms around them, so they can feel your true love in their lives.
Thank you, Lord Jesus,  for always being there  for all of us.
In Jesus’ name,
Today’s question 🤔
Do you feel alone?
Ask Jesus to fill that spot in your life.

Pastor Bevo
                   ~Keep yourself in the light and love of Jesus, because it is then He blesses your life.

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