Good Morning

Well, we will be loading up and heading down to Tennessee this morning. 
The Ark was a great experience!  
It’s amazing how God can place something on you and make things that significant come to life.  He still does this in today’s day and age.
We all just need to stay focused and listen to His instructions. 
Just as He is telling us here;

“It is important to have your hope in Me all day long.
It’s easy to be confident and trusting sometimes
when you are well rested
and things are going smoothly.
However, when things get hectic or unpleasant,
you often forget the object of your hope: Me.
Yet this is when you need Me the most!
So make it your goal to keep your eyes on Me all day long.
You won’t be able to do this perfectly, but it’s a worthy goal
one that gives focus to your thoughts.”
Jesus Today by Sarah Young

And friends, I believe it’s when we really stay focused on the Lord we can do anything. 
Just as Noah did by building that magnificent Ark.


But Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible
Matthew 19:26

Today’s prayer 🙏

Father God,
Help us all to grow strong in our faith and trust in you.  You show us time and time again that you are always in control.  Yet, sometimes we still fail to see you in our circumstances.  We need to always remember You are there, and there is absolutely nothing we cannot do with the power of your Holy Spirit living in us.
You gave us new life.
You took away all fears.
You change how we act.
You change how we speak.
Now we need to change how we think, and put all of our trust in You.  Then we can hear our true calling.  Because you have a great plan for everyone’s life.  We just need to listen for it.

Thank you Lord, for revealing ours.

In Jesus’ name,

Today’s question 🤔

Can you hear what He is calling you to do?



Pastor Bevo
                   ~Keep yourself in the light and love of Jesus, because it is then He blesses your life.

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