B.O.T.R. is based on the Great Commission. The very commandment given by Jesus for us to share the Good News and teaching others to be His disciples so they can also join the Great Commission.  God has given Pastor Pat Rankin a vision of a church that never stops reaching for the lost. It is in our DNA, our name, Have Bible Will Travel, speaks of our commitment to GO and tell people about Jesus.  We are all about building and expanding God’s Kingdom and God desires your partnership in His plan by becoming His hands and feet.

Have Bible members have been doing an amazing job at telling others of the love of Jesus and, as a result, we often find ourselves bursting at the seams! We continue to seek new locations where we can share God’s Word, and ways to make our current locations fit our expanding number of members. We praise God that He has given us an opportunity to do something God-Sized here!

2017 At-A-Glance

Here is what is happening through Have Bible Will Travel.

We live in a world where the moral fabric is being torn apart daily; in our schools, communities, entertainment and government. People are lost in this dark world and need the light of Truth to guide them.  The most important thing we do is reach people to tell them about Jesus, we hope that you will join us in our mission! 


Our Story

What can I do to help?

Every expansion, every event and every ministry takes money. We understand that not everyone is able to give extra. If God has called you to serve His Kingdom by offering finances to support the Building on the Rock Fund: Please Click Here